Fundraising Case Studies & Toolkit

Meet Mary

Mary is a strong DEUCE Community Inc. supporter with a lived experience background. After a hard upbringing, she rebuilt herself and now enjoys success and fulfillment in her life.

In lieu of throwing an employee Christmas party every year, Mary’s company chooses to donate the money they would have spent on a Christmas party to a non-profit. Mary utilized the DEUCE Community Toolkit to pitch DEUCE Community and secured us $5,000! We used this money to purchase certifications and educational credentials for interns in our program.

Meet Abner

Abner is a DEUCE Gym student who runs a business with 54 employees. Abner became involved as a support volunteer in our entry-level programs. Because he is impassioned by our mission and the people we serve, Abner wanted to help on a deeper level.

He leveraged the economic power of his business to support the monthly stipend ($1,700) for one of our interns. After several months, he saw the effect he was able to have and decided to double his impact by supporting an additional stipend. The amount of transformation we are able to create with Abner’s support is extraordinary. The two DEUCE Community Inc. interns Abner sponsored are now running programs on their own at DEUCE Gym and have also entered the workforce. These interns view themselves (and the world) in a much different way than when they first entered our programs. 

Meet Kat

A student and member of our Coach’s Prep program, Kat developed a close bond with many of the interns in the DEUCE Community Inc. program. She wanted to help support the interns in reaching their full potential in a big way. Her approach was to leverage her position as an executive assistant at a large entertainment company to push for DEUCE Community to pitch for funding with major partners of her company. She successfully utilized a pitch deck we custom designed for her to achieve this. The resulting relationships that have formed as a result of her advocating for DEUCE Community have been some of our most fruitful partnerships. 

Meet Billy Ray

Billy Ray is a student at DEUCE Gym who works in broadcasting. His connection with DEUCE Community Inc. began as a result of being coached by interns at the gym. His company has a donation match program that Billy Ray took advantage of so that he could double his recurring monthly support of DEUCE Community Inc. Many companies have programs like this that are easy to take advantage of!