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Performance means nothing if it cannot be shared. Not only does community give us meaning, it provides the scaffolding for the arduous pursuit of our peak self.


Meaningful work and meaningful relationships hinge upon trust in the system. With trust we can go to our edges with our best efforts. Trust supports our best communication and our most noteworthy performances.


This is a teachable skill that must be chosen over and over again because anyone can forfeit leadership for victimhood at any moment. Effective leaders get results. Period. Leaders drive positive evolution in self and others because they choose to be ultimately accountable.


Without unique willingness, our best performances are impossible. We seek out and support the most willing, because our goals require it always.


Performance keeps our skin in the game. It’s the barometer for truth, the judge and jury on best practices, and the anecdote against dogma. Without the utility of performance, we stand on nothing.


What happens in the gym cannot stay in the gym. Our commitment to live the lessons we learn in the gym prevents them from being futile. After all, it’s the desire for a better life that brought us into the gym. Let us live better lives.

A seat at the table for everyone who is hungry.

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DEUCE Community Inc. has allowed me to not only view myself differently but to see a future for myself that wasn’t possible before.


DEUCE Community Inc. is restoring my humanity.


The Criminal Justice System & DEUCE Community Inc