The Process (White Paper)

Our process towards transformative impact begins with various touch points that introduce DEUCE Community Inc. to men and women with lived experience.

These events include but are not limited to our monthly street clean-ups, free strength and conditioning classes for people with 48 hours of sobriety, and various training/educational experiences with partners like Mass Liberation, Amity Foundation, and Homeboy Industries. 

At these events, we are able to identify motivated individuals. Ultimately, we share our mission with key players and offer a series of increasing levels of responsibility. These tasks and responsibilities, including enrollment in our online and in-person leadership development courses, serve as an important rite of passage. This rite of passage is vital to creating and maintaining trust and willingness in the organization that is vital to do the hard developmental work we offer. 

DEUCE Community Non-Profit

For those that are ready to begin the process, we grant access to two online education programs, COACHES PREP and BUSINESS PREP. Those that take advantage of these programs are offered an unpaid internship where they can choose to develop as a coach through the mentorship of coaches at DEUCE Gym and/or develop as an entrepreneur under the leadership of Agency : Standard. Individuals who make it this far are challenged to begin redefining what success means to them. They are then asked to own their success so they might develop increased ownership over themselves and their circumstances. We attempt to expand their paradigm about what might be possible in life. 

For those that commit to this work, we offer a paid internship stipend of $1,700 a month. This internship includes a subjective contract drafted by the participant and their mentor. The participant, who is now referred to as a coach, progresses through the program as they take more and more responsibility and develop the capacity to navigate the world successfully. The program culminates when the coach is able to transition to a sustainable career (with an upward trajectory?) of their choosing. For some, this looks like work in the strength and conditioning or nonprofit industries. For others, it looks like building and running their own business. 

Program graduates continue to receive support and mentorship through alumni of the program. Our coaches know that the process of becoming is never finished…

See below for a representative framework that illustrates our process: