Welcome to the DEUCE Community House

Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping. Your morning, like the rest of your day, is structured with meaningful work, challenging goals, and a 2.2-mile commute from your Mar Vista home to DEUCE Gym, where you work.

This is what waking up in the DEUCE Community House is like.

Conversely, what would happen to the quality of your work, relationships, and well-being, if you were forced to sleep in an unsafe house with a dozen individuals who are using drugs and have a lifestyle that will eventually send you all to prison? This is what our interns used to face when they are released from prison.

The only thing harder than being in prison is being newly out of prison.

Truth be told, we always assumed that we would have a hyper-specific focus on our work and partner with organizations that could handle housing. That changed when we lost our most prized intern to a relapse that we believe could have been prevented if he wasn’t living in a state-funded halfway house upon his release.

To give you an idea of the environment, he found a used needle in his bed sheets on his move-in date. Frankly, the writing was on the wall, and we ultimately failed him by allowing him to live in such conditions.

It's with great pride that I’m excited to announce that DEUCE Community Inc. has launched our own housing solution in Mar Vista, CA. What this means is that we can control more of the variable qualities of our non-profit work to serve the most motivated system, substance, and housing-impacted individuals.

 There are two distinct ways you can help!

  1. CONNECT TO INVEST: if you or someone in your network can contribute to our mission long-term, you can schedule a short 25-minute call with us to understand possibilities for mutual gain. (Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to kick off the conversation.)
  1. SMALL EFFORT, BIG IMPACT: Check out our Amazon wish list for household items that can impact the day-to-day for emerging leaders in our program.

This is a remarkable milestone in our journey to create a world where all people with unrealized potential can realize it. Thank you for your support along the way!