[VIDEO] Unleashing Potential: DEUCE Community’s Mission to Empower

In this compelling video, Logan Gelbrich, the founder of DEUCE Gym in Venice Beach, and Campbell Lillard, co-founder at DEUCE Community Inc., converge to share a collective mission focused on empowerment, personal transformation, and growth. Logan reflects on the pivotal role preparation plays in pursuing potential, drawing from his baseball career's defining home run. Campbell, having faced addiction and incarceration, underscores the transformative power of physical training within prison. Together, they stress the significance of leadership, mentorship, and the organizational mission to create empowering environments that facilitate remarkable change. The duo challenges viewers to engage in honest self-reflection, embrace challenges, and support initiatives that empower individuals to overcome barriers to transformation. The video underscores the shared belief in relentless pursuit as a catalyst for positive change and invites viewers to join in promoting empowerment and personal growth within their communities.

DEUCE Community exists to help individuals discover their limitless potential in the workplace and in life when transitioning out of the justice system or off the streets. Informed by one of the founders’ personal experiences, DEUCE Community uses developmental leadership environments — including intense strength training at DEUCE Gym — as a tool for their participants to uncover their own unique gifts and talents.

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